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Species of the coelomycetous genus Phoma are ubiquitously present in the environment, and occupy numerous ecological niches (Aveskamp et al. 2008). More than 220 species are currently recognised, but the actual number of taxa within this genus is probably much higher, as only a fraction of the thousands of species described in literature have been verified in vitro.

For as long as the genus exists, identification has posed problems to plant pathologists due to the asexual nature of most species, the changes in taxonomical nomenclature and to the morphological variability in vivo. Furthermore, sequences deposited at online sequence databases are often erroneously named, resulting in misidentifications after online BLAST searches (Bridge et al. 2002).


In recent years the genus was revised in a series of papers by Gerhard Boerema and co-workers, using culturing techniques and morphological data, which resulted in an extensive identification handbook, which has become the standard work in Phoma taxonomy (Boerema et al. 2004). In this work, the authors have designated many reference strains that have been restudied upon the construction of this on-line identification key.

For this identification website, we have restudied the same material as Boerema et al. (2004) and could confirm most (macro-) morphological and phytochemical characters. To these phytopathological data, DNA sequences of multiple loci and many pictures have been added.


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