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   The Q-bank Arthropod database contains DNA sequences (barcodes) of 198 quarantine arthropod species for Europe and their closest relatives. We chose to sequence the mitochondrial Cytochrome c oxydase I standard barcode fragment (COI) as well as the nuclear internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2)  to provide a reliable identification tool for all developmental stages of those Q-arthropods and congeneric pest species.
   Q-arthropods are diverse and threat most cultivated plants from maize to coconut, from fruit trees to pine trees, from vegetables to vine. Among the list of EU quarantine arthropods we selected 7 species of mites and 191 species of insects that represent 6 orders [Coleoptera(81), Diptera(35), Hemiptera(32), Hymenoptera(5), Lepidoptera(33), Thysanoptera(5)]. About 70 species are quarantine pests of forests while the other (128) are mostly associated with agriculture or ornamental crops and sometimes also forest trees. Most Q-arthropods we sequenced originate from Palearctic (48) and Nearctic regions (67), while others occur in the Neotropics (31), the Oriental region (25), the Afrotropics (17), Australia (5) or are from undetermined origin (5).

Grapocephala_atropunctata  Homalodisca_liturata

Three subgroups have been defined:
  • 1) Priority 1 : 104 species, 10 specimens to barcode from several localities. 60 species agriculture - 44 species forests - 33 families. Nearly all Tephritidae, all Scolytidae, all Cerambycidae, all Spodoptera, nearly all Agromyzidae.
  • 2) Priority 2 : 94 species, 5 specimens to be barcoded. 12 species on Citrus, 16 species on fruit trees, 8 on Solanum, 6 on Vitis(vectors). This group adds 15 families of arthropods.
  • 3) To facilitate, Q species identification, we have also sequenced about 100 closely related species (including also some pests).

  • The distribution as well as relevant EPPO-protocols for the insects can be downloaded from www.eppo.int.

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