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The goal of the Q-bank Plant Viruses and Viroids database is to provide information and data on (regulated and other important) plant viruses and viroids. It provides background information to virologists working in research and diagnostics as well as to policy makers in plant health. A unique feature of Q-bank is that it, where possible, also links data to isolates which are physically available. Quality criteria apply to both the database and collection , which are curated by experts in the field.


Outline of the most important features accessed via the different TABS

Species and isolate records

Species records provide general information on virus type species and links to relevant websites, bibliography, etcetera. They also link to isolates included in the Q-bank collection. The Isolate records show data (e.g. sequence data, host plants) applying to that particular isolate and also indicate where the isolate can be obtained. Note that not all isolates have complete data.


Methodology provides generic protocols for electron microscopy, mechanical inoculation of test plants and serology (DAS-ELISA). Protocols for both generic and specific molecular tests are included for listed species. The table directly links to specific tests providing PDF’s of the protocols.

Search options

The database ultimately aims to list all virus and viroid species accepted by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). Relevant information of these species can be retrieved by different search options, as indicated under the TABs ‘General Search’ and ‘Organisms included’. Options are provided to search for a specific species, for different groups of regulated species, available species, etcetera.


For nearly all regulated and other important virus and viroid species, a reference sequence from NCBI GenBank is included. In addition, sequence data and other relevant information on available isolates are included; the number of which is still growing. The BLAST option under TAB ‘ID’, allows identification of regulated and other important viruses and viroids on the basis of direct sequence comparisons.

Obtaining isolates

To obtain one or more isolates from the Q-bank Plant Viruses and Viroids collections, please look at the isolate records for availability and  details or contact one of the curators.


This database provides information on (regulated) plant viruses and viroids, data on specific isolates and information on where these can be obtained. At the same time, it shows that still for many (regulated) species no isolates are available. As curators we urge virologists worldwide, to share any data and isolates that may be of interest to others. It would be beneficial if isolates and data obtained during research projects and diagnostics could be included in Q-bank, thereby making and keeping them available for future use. Please use this template for providing isolate data for the Q-bank database.

More information

The information in this database is compiled by the Q-bank curators based on most current information and to the best of their expert knowledge. If you have remarks, questions or require additional information, please contact us. 

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Dr.ir. R.A.A. (Ren) van der Vlugt

Dr.ir. René van der Vlugt
Curator Plant Viruses and Viroids database
Taxonomic expertise and collections
Plant Research International (PRI)
the Netherlands 

Dr. J.W. (Annelien) Roenhorst

Dr. Annelien Roenhorst
Curator Plant Viruses and Viroids database
Phytosanitary expertise and collections
National Plant Protection Organization
the Netherlands

Dr. S. (Stephan) Winter

Dr. Stephan Winter
Curator Plant Viruses and Viroids database
Taxonomic expertise and collections
Dr. Wulf Menzel.jpg

Dr. Wulf Menzel
Curator Plant Viruses and Viroids database
Taxonomic expertise and collections

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