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 Author(s):(L.) Jacq. 
 Synonyms:Ipomoea barbigera Sweet; Ipomoea desertorum House; Ipomoea hirsutula auct. non Jacq.f.; Ipomoea nil auct. non (L.) Roth; Convolvulus hederacea L.; Pharbitis barbigera (Sweet) G. Don; Pharbitis hederacea (Jacq.) Choisy 
 EPPO code:IPOHE: Ipomoea hederacea (L.) Jacq.; IPOHG: I. hederacea var. integriuscula Gray; IPOHH: I. hederacea (L.) Jacq. subsp. hederacea; IPONI: I. hederacea Brown & Massey, non Jacq. 


Roots and stem
 Length of stem (m):0.1 - 4 
 Description of stem:Strongly climbing stem, pale green, branched, leafy, pubescent. 
Fruit and seeds
 Description of fruit:Capsule. 
 Length of fruit (mm):4 - 6 
 Width of fruit (mm):3 
 Description of leaf:Petiole long, distinct, without stipules, leaves up to 12 cm long, ovate, pointed at apex, simple or 3-lobed, cordate at base. Leaves medium green on upper surface, paler beneath. 
alternate yes
opposite no
decussate no
whorled no
 Description of inflorescence:Bracteoles linear (8-12 mm long), distinct from sepals, flowers axillary. Inflorescence dense, 1-6-flowered. 
 Description of flower:Peduncles longer than petioles, with refexed hairs, flowers 5-merous, bisexual. Sepals 5, free, persistent, ± enlarged in fruit, abruptly long-acuminate at apex, densely long-hairy. Petals 5, fused almost whole way to form funnel- to trompet-shaped corolla. Style filiform; pollen grains globular, pantoporate, exine spinose. 
Colour of flower:
white variable
yellow no
orange no
pink variable
brown no
red no
purple variable
blue variable
green no
 Length of sepal (mm):15 - 30 
 Length of petal (mm):20 - 40 
 Number of stamens:5 
 Description of stamens:borne on corolla; filaments filform and pubescent basally; stamens not protruding. 
 Number of styles:1 
 Number of ovaries:1 
 Description of ovary:superior, 3-celled, each loculus with 2 ovules, glabrous. 
 Number of stigmas:1 
 Description of stigmas:stigma with 3 globose lobes. 

Distribution information

 Original distribution:North Amerca. 
 Current distribution:Asia: China, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Taiwan. Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russean Federation, Spain, Switzerland, UK. North America: Mexico, USA. Central America: Honduras, Puerto Rico. South America: Bolivia, Columbia. 
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Biochemistry and molecular data

 Ploidy:2n = 30. 


Life cycle:
annual yes
perennial no
monocarp no
biennial no
Flowering time in Europe:
January ?
February ?
March ?
April ?
May ?
June ?
July yes
August yes
September yes
October ?
November ?
December ?
 Ecological amplitude:Tips and waste land. 

Invasiveness, risk and control

 Pathway of introduction:Contaminant in Glycine max and grain.