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 Vernacular names:Ongelijkbladig vederkruid (NL) 
 Plant code - standard list:FB5500 
 Botanical thesaurus:
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Roots and stem
 Description of subterranean parts:rhizomes 
 Description of stem:green, often with a reddish tinge, older parts of the stem: leaves > internodes, upper part of the stem arising obove the surface of the water (up to 10-15 (35) cm). 
Fruit and seeds
 Description of seed:each mericarp beaked and with outer face 2-ridged and minutely papillose. 
 Description of fruit:mericarps irrigularly triangular, mat brown. 
 Description of propagule:seed, detached rhizomes or parts of rhizomes, detached parts of the stem. 
 Description of leaf:Oblong, serrate-denticulate, with 3-20 pairs of segments; in the lower part of the stem are the leaves longer than the internodes.  
alternate no
opposite no
decussate no
whorled yes
 Description of inflorescence:Flowers in emergent, terminal spikes ( 3-35 cm), ± sessile, in whorls of 4 or 6 in the axis of lanceolate bracts (upper bracts simple, entire or serrate, bracts longer than flowers). Flowers with 2 minute bracteoles. Flowers in the upper part of the spike male, in the middle hermaphrodite and female in the lower part of the spike. 
 Description of flower:Male flowers with 4 sepals, short, triangular, greenish-white; petals 4, hooded, translucent, whitish. Hermaphodic flowers with 4 stamens and a 4-celled ovary. Female flowers with ovate, pinnate bracts, petals 4, ovary 4-celled. 
Colour of flower:
white no
yellow no
orange no
pink no
brown no
red no
purple no
blue no
green yes
 Description of stamens:filaments short, anthers long. 
 Description of ovary:inferior. 
 Description of stigmas:feathery, red. 

Additional information

 Similar species:see Myriophyllum aquaticum. 
 Look-alike link:

Distribution information

 Original distribution:S.E.- N-America. 
 Current distribution:Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK. North America: Canada, USA. 
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Life cycle:
annual no
perennial yes
monocarp no
biennial no
Flowering time in Europe:
January no
February no
March no
April no
May no
June yes
July yes
August yes
September yes
October no
November no
December no
 Pollination characteristics:anemophilous. 
 Hardiness:seed, detached rhizomes or parts of it, detached parts of the stem. 
 Habitat elsewhere:stagnant or slow flowing, eutrophic or less eutrophic water systems. 
 Habitat in the Netherlands:recently found in stagnant or slowly flowing, eutrophic or less eutrophic water systems. 

Invasiveness, risk and control

 Invasive behavior information:the weed blocks canals and water control systems 
 Pathway of introduction:dispersal mainly by aquatic plant trade for aquaria and ponds. 

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