How to search Q-bank ? 

Q-bank website can easily be searched using basic and advanced queries. The movie below is showing ho to perfom a number of basic and advanced queries and shows a few tricks that might be helping Internet users at the begining.

While basic queries allow to search a few fields at the same time, they do not allow to combine question in a complex way. The latter can be done with advanced queries.

The following movie shows how to find records in Q-bank belonging to a certain species.


How to export some data out of Q-bank ? 

In Q-bank, some data can be exported by the creation of lists. The principle is to create a list of records and fields to be exported. Then data can be exported either as Excel sheets or Word documents. See how to do it by clicking on the movie icon below.


How to perform a paiwise DNA sequence alignment using Q-bank and associated databases ?

With the new version of Q-bank using BioloMICS software, it is now possible to perform online pairwise DNA alignments against one or several Q-bank sequence databases (bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes, phytoplasmas, plants, virus). We call this tool Q-bankID. Identifcations can be done by comparing a single unknown sequence against one or several reference database(s) at the same time. A number of parameters are available and can be changed dynamically by the end-user in order to obtain the best possible results. We have recently made a movie that shows how to make such an identification.



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