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  • Pairwise sequence alignment parameters
    Minimum similarity to keep results (0-100%): Gap creation penalty (1-100):
    Minimum overlap to keep results (0-100%): Gap extension penalty (1-10):
    Minimum overlap for rating reward (0-100%): Word size (1-256):
    Maximum alignments to display (1-1000): Penalty for a nucleotide mismatch:
    Select sorting mode:
    Reward for a nucleotide match:
    Select the reference(s) file(s) to be used for the alignment:
    NameLocationStatus#Match(s) found  000
    Bacteria E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Bacteria\Alignments\DB11.24800
    FUNGI E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Fungi\Alignments\DB180.85600
    Arthropods E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Arthropods\Alignments\DB41.24800
    Nematodes E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Nematodes\Alignments\DB18.79600
    Phytopl E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Phytoplasmas\Alignments\DB3.42400
    Plants E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Plants\Alignments\DB5.59600
    Virus E:\BioloMICSBasedBio\\Virus\Alignments\DB9.36400
    Non-redundant GenBank nr0014
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