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The Q-bank Bacteria database contains cured DNA sequence data (Barcodes) of approximately three hundred bacterial strains that are of relevance to bacterial phytopathology (quarantine bacterial strains and their close relatives). Currently, this database focuses on the bacterial genera Clavibacter, Xanthomonas, Ralstonia and Xylella including species, subspecies and pathovars that are regulated in the European Union (EU Council Directive Species) and are listed as A1/A2 organisms by the European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO). The Q-bank Bacteria database includes type strains, pathovar reference strains and genome sequenced strains.

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Detailed protocols for the DNA isolation and barcoding, including PCR amplification and sequencing, are included on this website, under the Methodologies in the menu. A Molecular Decision Scheme showing the workflow for the identification of specific quarantine species, subspecies and pathovars has been included in the Q-bank Bacteria database and will be systemically updated by the curators based on available research results. This information is in support of an accurate identification of bacterial strains belonging to different species, subspecies and pathovars by plant protection organizations, inspection bodies and private laboratories.

Various databases have already been interlinked with each other inside the framework of the Q-bank Bacteria database. StrainInfo  interlinks different resources with the Q-bank Bacteria database retrieving relevant information at the strain level. Additionally, a link to each of the three well-established public bacterial collections in Europe can be found here:  BCCM/LMG , CFBP and NCPPB  . The distribution as well as relevant EPPO-protocols for the bacteria can be downloaded from www.eppo.int .

Nomenclature in this database is according to the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names (Skerman et al., Int. J. Syst. Bacteriology 30: 225-420, 1980) and the International Standards for naming pathovars (Dye et al., Rev. of Plant Pathol. 59: 153-168, 1980).

Bacterial strains used in the Q-bank Bacteria database can be ordered through the links provided above.

Please feel free to contact the curators (contact information on this page) if you want to contribute data to the database. Click on this paragraph to obtain the guidelines / minimum requirements for contributions .

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Dr. M. (Maria) Bergsma

Dr. Maria Bergsma-Vlami
Curator Bacteria database
Phytopathological and phytosanitary expertise
National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) the Netherlands

Dr. Martine Maes

Dr. Martine Maes
Curator Bacteria database
Molecular diagnostics, phylogeny and plant pathology
Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO)

Prof. Dr. Paul de Vos

Prof. Dr. Paul de Vos
Curator Bacteria database
Taxonomic expertise and collections
Lab Microbiology, University Gent (LM-UGent)

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